Latinx Heritage Month Partner Spotlight: NALCAB

In honor of Latinx heritage month, Ventures is proud to highlight NALCAB – one of Ventures’ foremost Latinx organizational partners. Based in San Antonio, Texas, NALCAB is a membership organization that strengthens the economy by advancing economic mobility in Latino communities by providing grants, loans and training to its’ member organizations across the US. 

NALCAB and Ventures have partnered since 2013 to advance economic justice for the Latinx community. Ventures has received over $150,000 in grant funds and guidance from NALCAB experts, and have sent numerous staff to participate in and learn from conferences and trainings.  According to Storm Taliaferrow, Senior Program Manager at NALCAB, a deep bond has been forged between the two non-profit organizations over the years, based on a close alignment of values, goals and mutual respect. We sat down with Storm (virtually) to hear her reflections on our partnership and this special month.  

“Over the years, Ventures has grown and helped other organizations to grow too. Ventures is extraordinary,” Storm commented, “Ventures meets entrepreneurs where they are; they are on the vanguard of building microenterprise support for under-resourced communities. Ventures is notable for its innovative incubation projects and for widely sharing their educational and training curriculum.” 

The partnership between Ventures and NALCAB has been mutually beneficial:  

“We’ve gotten back as much as we’ve put in. Ventures staff has contributed resources back to NALCAB in the form of guiding other organizations, participating at conferences, leading trainings, and through other efforts.” 

Storm shared why NALAB continues to support Ventures: 

“Any investment NALCAB makes in Ventures, whether this be a grant, or a fellowship, we know those funds are dedicated to helping Latinx and other marginalized entrepreneurs, to advancing the microenterprise field and to helping other organizations grow.” 

When asked about NALCAB’s hopes and dreams for the Latinx community: 

I hope that the Latinx community and other immigrants continue to fight the good fight, and ultimately get what is due them. That translates to finance justice.  

Latinx entrepreneurs are a key part of the engine of our national economy. I’d like to see the structural barriers that stand in the way of their success be removed, especially regarding access to capital. I’d like to see Latinx entrepreneurs receive more small business loans and have an easier time getting mortgage loans;  

I’d like to see Latino entrepreneurs be able to have fair access to capital, get their tax refunds, and receive the respect they deserve from clients and policy makers. I’d like to see business certification and registration forms translated into more languages.  Ultimately, when these barriers are removed, hardworking people can thrive and have a more fair and just shot at success in America.”  

Thank you NALCAB for your support, collaboration, and your dedication to Latinx communities! 


Written by: Celia Weisman (Ventures) and Storm Taliaferrow (NALCAB)