Business Basics Course

Gain the knowledge and skills to grow your business

Ready to launch or grow your microbusiness?

Ready to launch or grow your microbusiness? In this eight-week course, you will meet once per week for three hours with peers and business coaches to learn how to take steps towards making your business dreams a reality. We will cover the basics of business marketing, sales, financial management, and operations. You will work with a community of entrepreneurs to refine your business plan and answer tough questions like “will this idea really make money?” and “how will your product or service make customers’ lives better?”

The course will culminate in a community graduation event to celebrate all that you have accomplished. After graduation, you will have access to all Specialized Services at Ventures, including microloans, business courses, incubators, coaching, and more.

Topics Include

  • Defining your business
  • Creating a Marketing Plan
  • Creating a Sales Plan
  • Determining your break-even point
  • Creating cash flow projections
  • Determining legal, taxes, and licensing
  • Making money from your business
  • Organizing your business

Apply for the Business Basics Course

To take our Business Basics course, follow these steps:

  • Attend a free Information Session.
  • Fill out Business Basics Course Application after the Information Session
  • Provide proof of income and have a short 10-minute conversation with one of our staff members to determine eligibility in the program