Peer Loan

Grow your business

Small business loans up to $3,500

The Peer Loan Program draws recent graduates of the Ventures’ Business Basic Course together to form Peer Loan Cohorts. The Peer Loan does not require physical collateral or a good credit score to apply.

Participants in the cohorts present their loan request to the group of their peers for approval. In place of traditional collateral (pledging money, equipment, or assets to secure a loan), the Peer Loan Program relies on the engagement of the Peer Loan Cohorts to achieve successful loan repayment. Members of Peer Loan Cohorts attend regular meetings, support each other to set business goals, and providing feedback to other group members. To make the program a success, it is vital that peer loan members remain engaged in the peer loan community.

We provide Peer Loans for:

  • Start-up expenses
  • Marketing materials
  • Supply and inventory
  • Equipment
  • Other approved expenses

Participation RequirementsLearn more about Viavoya

Loan Requirements

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Reside in Washington State
  • Possess all required city and state business licenses
  • Do not owe any back child support
  • Not delinquent on any federal loans or taxes (without a repayment plan in place)
  • Do not presently have an active bankruptcy
  • Have a business checking account