It’s no secret that the nonprofit sector has been catching on to the value of skilled volunteers. But what does that actually mean when the rubber hits the road?

At Ventures, it means success for our clients.

We work hard to understand the challenges our entrepreneurs face. We see skilled-based volunteerism as a strategy. We couple professional skills with our programmatic needs to generate more value for both our participants and our volunteers.

One of the most popular ways we do this is through our coaching opportunities. When you coach with Ventures, you share your skills in marketing, sales, operations, or finance with participants in our programs. We’re sure you can think of a good coach – someone who has helped you overcome challenges with confidence, encouraged you to be your best self, and helped you achieve your goals. Those qualities paired with professional experience is what helps our participant’s launch and grow their businesses.

Volunteers also see growth and change over time – both within participants and within themselves – when committing to work in our courses. Donating expertise helps Ventures achieve our mission, allows volunteers to use their time wisely, and improves the lives of others in our community.

Interested in using your skills to move the needle on Ventures’ mission? Contact Jacquee to learn about these opportunities.