The Ventures Network

Providing practical, culturally appropriate small business services to
organizations empowering underserved communities

Catalyzing local economies with 20+ years of microenterprise development experience

The Ventures Network provides our nonprofit and government partners with comprehensive, data-driven business development services in English and Spanish that empower underserved communities through small business ownership. Leverage more than 20 years of experience at Ventures to save time and money building your microenterprise development program. We have spent years refining our small business development services so you don’t have to.

Leverage our experienced team to save time and energy building your microenterprise program, and you’ll see why the Puget Sound Business Journal recognized this unique program with a 2018 Innovation Award.

Use the Ventures Network To See Results

Access 20+ years of expertise in microenterprise development

Save time and resources with programs that are ready to deploy

Expand services or increase the quality of existing programs

Support funding applications for new programs

Receive ongoing support to reach your goals

Reach new populations with tested outreach strategies & Spanish offerings

80% is the national average for businesses of all income levels
67% increase their household income after 18 months
66% move out of poverty after receiving Ventures’ services

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What You Can Do With Us

Host Ventures courses taught by one of our instructors

A la Carte
Complement existing programs and resources with what your community needs most. Choose from our 8-week Business Basics Course or advanced courses in sales, operations, finance, marketing, and much more

Qualified Instructors
Leverage our expertise to help business owners at all stages of growth

Taught in English or Spanish
Practical, culturally appropriate courses for your community

Get support for your existing small business development or incubation programs

Collaborative Model
We work closely with you to identify key challenges and opportunities

Customized Support
We listen, learn, and apply industry best practices to create action plans and programs that will work in your community

Remote or Onsite
Access our experience and expertise in the most convenient way for you

Onsite coaching for small business owners from our team of seasoned specialists

Personalized Work Plans
We help business owners identify their unique challenges and develop customized solutions that help them achieve their goals

Site Visits
Bring real-time coaching to small business owners at their places of business

Ongoing Support
Combine in-person coaching with work plan development, goal setting, and follow up from coaches, both in-person and remotely

Become a certified Ventures Network partner to integrate the Ventures curriculum into your programs

Comprehensive Toolkit
Gain access to high-quality, proven course materials, outreach strategies and other resources to reach new communities

2 Day Certification Process
We will train your staff to teach our curriculum

Annual Recertification
Benefit from program innovations, new insights, and updates to our model