Pitch In

Pitch In

Who are you pitching in for?

Pitch in to empower local entrepreneurs to move out of poverty through small business ownership. Our goal is to raise $20,000 to triple the amount of customized business coaching we provide for individuals with limited resources and unlimited potential.

Ventures provides business training, coaching, microlending, and more to equip local low-income individuals to launch and grow small businesses. Our most impactful service is our customized one-on-one coaching.  Coaches help clients identify and overcome barriers to business success. Our staff are more than just coaches: they are teachers, mentors, counselors, and business consultants. They help clients implement lessons learned in Ventures training courses to create successful marketing, sales, and financial plans to grow their businesses. Coaches also teach soft skills like confidence and goal-setting, and provide invaluable moral support to help clients achieve their dreams.

At Ventures, we practice what we preach. Our business coaches ask our clients use innovative ideas to move their businesses forward. We are innovating the way we do fundraising. We stopped spending precious resources on big fundraising events to focus on innovative ways to raise money to meet demand for our services and keep our programs affordable. Last year, we launched our first crowdfunding campaign.  We raised over $15,000 to support our clients without spending money on an event. This year, we want to raise $20,000.

Our ultimate goal: empower clients to increase their incomes and achieve long-term financial stability. You can help us achieve this in 2017. Pitch in to promote a just, inclusive, and empowering society where everyone has access to the American dream of small business ownership. Pitch in to equip local entrepreneurs with the tools they need to move out of poverty. Donate today.