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About Puro Dulce Cakes

Monica Trejo started their business in 2014

Puro Dulce Cakes is an oven to table cottage kitchen bakery that creates custom cakes and desserts for almost any and every occasion. Puro Dulce Cakes owner, Monica, was born and raised in Hawthorne, California before moving to Seattle. She is a mother of three children, baker, self-taught cake decorator, student who enjoys traveling, painting, making music and teaching her skills in her spare time. Puro Dulce Cakes was founded in a big box store, where Monica worked as a cake decorator for over 16 years. Due to store restrictions, she was unable to accommodate customers’ requests and decided to start her own business. All cakes and desserts are custom made in an oven to table technique using local ingredients and always 100% shortening free.

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