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Golden Gardens Park, Seattle WA,

About Miri’s Catering

Miri Plowman started their business in 2015

Miri’s at Golden Gardens and Miri’s Catering is a small family-owned business based out of the south end of the Golden Gardens Bathhouse. Miri’s specializes in locally sourced ingredients, developing client-focused menus, and making really delicious food. Miri and Gabe have been working with food collectively over 30 years, and care deeply about serving high-quality products to their guests and clients, and authentically connecting to the people they serve.

Miri’s specialize in Middle Eastern, mezze style spreads made with in-season ingredients. Miri’s also makes lovely mini Dutch Pancakes which are an excellent addition to any party or gathering. Miri and Gabe started their business because they felt strongly about making connections to their community, and their work being an act of love. They also love to cook and create together and their business is a great manifestation of that. Miri’s is a boutique catering operation, where no two events are served the same menu or provided with a generic quote. Instead, each catering menu is written based on the specific asks of the client.

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