Grain Artisan Bakery

Grain Artisan Bakery

Lauren Anderson

Ventures Entrepreneur Since 2018


Food Truck & Mobile Food

About Grain Artisan Bakery

Lauren Anderson started their business in 2015

Grain Artisan Bakery is a farm-to-bakery that offers some of the best traditionally-baked pastries around, as well as offering decadent gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and paleo options.

Grain owner and pastry chef, Lauren, was born and raised in LaPorte, Indiana, before moving to Seattle. She is a mother, self-taught-chef, reader, traveler, equestrian, student, and advocate.

Grain was founded for the commitment we are known for: using only local, sustainable, organic ingredients in their wholesome form, lending to our strong partnerships with small local farmers and businesses. Grain is community.

Grain brings baking back down to the fundamentals, to bring clients the experience of gorgeous desserts that are packed full of exquisite flavor profiles and luxurious textures, without the use of preservatives or artificial additives, by blending seasonal bounty with herbs and edible floral notes.

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