Cynthia Yongvang

Cynthia Yongvang

Ventures Entrepreneur Since 2013

Clothing & Accessories

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About Cynthia Yongvang

Cynthia Yongvang started their business in 2014

Cynthia Yongvang began designing her collection of handmade accessories to complement your person fashion and home decor in 2012. She attributes her success to a blending of her Hmong cultural heritage with other cultures from around the globe.

Her colorful designs dress up outfits and liven up rooms. Cynthia’s designs take traditional prints and carry them into modern design. She also produces them in functional fabrics for every day use.

Cynthia Yongvang products are available at the Ventures Market store in the Pike Place Market, or directly from Cynthia. Please contact Cynthia directly for more information, and visit her Facebook page to see her broad array of designs and products.

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