Steve Showalter joined Ventures in 2011.

Steve was introduced to Ventures in 2008 at a seminar on microlending.  The opportunity to participate in closing the opportunity gap through small business ownership was appealing and Steve began as a volunteer business coach learning from James Dunn.  Steve taught his first business development training (BDT) class in 2011 in Kent.  He continues to teach the BDT and Advanced Sales classes and works one on one with students.

In 1970, when billboards read “Will the last person to leave Seattle please turn out the lights”, there were no jobs available for high school students and Steve started his first business.  Following a Bachelors degree in Physics at UW, Steve continued to start and grow businesses.   From technology to building products to apparel business principles and customer relationships remain unchanged.  Steve is passionate to teach business principles to aspiring business owners.

Steve’s ideal business would be to inspire experienced business savvy people to give new business owners the tools to provide for their future.