Joanna Mummert joined Ventures in 2015.

Joanna Mummert is a Wealth Manager and Entrepreneur. She joined Ventures in 2015 as a volunteer business coach and is currently one of the instructors for the English Business Basics course as well as the Spanish Sales course.

Joanna is passionate about helping others and her first introduction to Ventures was when she “crashed” a Business Basics Graduation Happy Hour. She stopped by to see the business displays and was taken in by the professionalism of the graduates and the mission Ventures presented that night.

Joanna was born and raised in the Seattle area but took a year and a half sabbatical in 2010 to live in Ecuador where she taught English to students of all ages. She travels yearly to Honduras where she visits the young man that she sponsors through another local non-profit.

Her dream business to start, in addition to what she’s already doing, would be to own a 1930s style hotel where you can dance the night away to Big Band Music in the Grand Ballroom and everything looks like it’s straight out of a Fred and Ginger movie.