Accounting and Loan Specialist

Jennifer joined Ventures in October, 2009

As the Accounting and Loan Specialist, Jennifer focuses on supporting both the programs and operations at Ventures.  Jennifer is responsible for loan documentation and post loan support, along with making sure our accounting office is operating smoothly.  Jennifer joined Ventures because she is a believer in the power of small business to change people’s lives.

Prior to joining Ventures, Jennifer started working with small business owners as a Peace Corps volunteer, helping people in rural areas bring their products to larger markets. She has prior experience as a Loan Officer, working with both ACCION New Mexico and Colorado Enterprise Fund. She completed an internship with Mountain Microenterprise Fund looking at the feasibility of starting a for-profit retail store, and wrote her master thesis on nonprofit microlending organizations that have started for-profit subsidiaries. As a Credit Counselor, she counseled individuals and families in debt and helped people reach financial stability, debt free. Jennifer holds a Master degree in international and Intercultural Management, and is certified as an Accredited Financial Counselor and as an Economic Development Finance Professional.

Jennifer would love to own a successful community supported waterfront café in the tropics, that provides locally sourced food and drinks, where she can just hang out, socialize and make enough money to support her extremely casual lifestyle and get her two daughters through college!

Jennifer’s coworkers describe her:“Jennifer truly lives out Ventures’ motto to meet people where they’re at. She’s great about making finances relevant and personal to clients’ individual situations and has created amazing training opportunities for clients to feel empowered in their financial decision-making.”