Business Trainer

James joined Ventures in August, 2006

James’ role is to Inspire and motivate entrepreneurs to start and grow successful businesses. He does this by teaching exciting and challenging business development classes and advanced business workshops.
James joined Ventures because he understood that there are so many great people with great ideas who simply need to learn how to focus and clarify those ideas in order to be successful. Not to mention the fact that great small businesses are what the world needs right now in order to get back on the path to economic righteousness.

James has been a journalist, writer, magazine editor, poet, painter, musician, college teacher, corporate vp of marketing and sales, and at least a hundred other less impressive things during his 61 years on the planet. Plus, James has started and failed at least 20 small businesses, in addition to having a couple of successful businesses. All of which have been part of his ultimate goal on earth – equality for all beings. Or as James says: “All do Well.”

James’ dream business to start would involve teaching people how to think more clearly.