Henry joined Ventures in May 2016.

Henry started off at Ventures as a volunteer Business Coach in November 2015 and has worked with clients in the Business Development Training program and other Advanced Services programs. He was brought on officially as a contractor to support the Food Incubator Program in May 2016 because of his previous experiences in the food industry.

Originally from Tennessee, Henry graduated from the University of Virginia with a B.S. degree in Systems and Information Engineering. After college, he spent almost 7 years in the CarMax Strategy group working primarily on inventory mix management and purchasing strategies. He left CarMax and moved back to Tennessee to start a mobile food truck business, which was something he had always dreamed of doing since growing up around his family’s restaurant.

After selling his food truck, Henry’s love of the outdoors brought him out west to Seattle where he discovered Ventures and really connected with the mission. He understands, firsthand, the challenges and rewards of small business ownership and wants to pass along the things he learned from his own experiences to make that process easier for other aspiring entrepreneurs. He had an excellent support network to draw upon when he started his own business and he wants to give that same support to Ventures clients who may not have as many resources available to them.

Henry’s dream business would be starting an outdoor adventure center to make outdoor activities more accessible to the people who may not otherwise get to enjoy them because of location or time constraints.