Rippy Bhatia Ward has met many entrepreneurs in the program. She’s inspired by their stories and is impressed by their self-reliance and dedication to building a better life for their families through hard, honest work. Rippy volunteered with Ventures as a re-brand Marketing Advisor in 2015 and wanted to broaden her involvement and impact so she joined the board.
Rippy has come to admire how Ventures innovates on behalf of its clients. She believes the launch of a new business can have a powerful social impact. Entrepreneurship empowers people and generates employment, kicking off a flywheel that can combat multiple social issues. 

Rippy has an MBA from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, focusing on Strategy and Marketing. Since graduating, she has worked at Amazon in various capacities. For the past three years, her role in Product Management has focused on small and medium organizations; entrepreneurs, brand owners, and traders, who want to sell via e-commerce but don’t necessarily have the experience or means to do so. Her team focuses on helping these businesses get started and accelerate their online growth. She also volunteered at AnewAmerica, where she met with entrepreneurs to capture their stories to help them gain funding, increase their brand awareness, and inspire others.

Rippy has lived in multiple countries but has spent most of her life in the US – Texas, California, and now Washington. Her grandparents were business owners, and she has always been inspired by entrepreneurship. Even at an early age, the ripple effects of a new business – or a failing one – didn’t escape her notice. Using her skills to grow and save businesses, while learning from entrepreneurs who have skills she’d love to have is gratifying, even selfish.