Christian joined the Ventures board in 2017.

Christian grew up in an immigrant family where both parents worked together as owners of multiple small businesses and commercial properties. Their hard work resulted in achieving their American Dream. She was inspired by their entrepreneurial spirit and owned and operated several businesses with her own family.

Christian is passionate about helping small business owners by empowering them with knowledge and resources to take them to the next level and ultimately achieving their own American Dream. She is excited to give back to the community by serving on the Ventures Board of Directors and supporting its mission and values to building businesses and changing lives.

Christian’s diverse career includes being a top performer in sales for several businesses, project manager for large and complex projects and team leader on multiple projects. She has also assisted many business owners to purchase and sell various types of businesses.

Today, she is self-employed and provides business consultations for small and medium sized businesses as well as financial stewardship for individuals.

Christian enjoys spending time with her family and friends.