Becky Morrette started as Ventures client but has now joined the Board of Directors.

From an early age, Becky always had a crayon, pencil, colored paper and other craft supplies her art teacher dad would give her to keep her out of trouble. She moved from a small town in upstate New York to San Francisco in the early 90s to go to the Academy of Art University. After college, she worked as a web designer for a time and when the dot-com bubble burst she knew she needed to move on. Two of her closest friends lived in Seattle and when she came up to visit, she was sold on the place. In October of 2001 she moved to Seattle and took jobs to pay the bills, but in her spare time, started creating and selling jewelry. She was bitten by the entrepreneur bug. She later switched from jewelry to tea towels and aprons and created Sunday Drive Designs and has been putting her personal vintage campy spins on kitchen linens. Since Becky has the unique experience of going through Ventures’ programs, she brings his experience and views as a client to the board. We look forward to having help direct the future of Ventures at the executive level.