Jennifer Collins

Accounting Specialist

Joined Ventures in January 2019.

Jennifer began working with Ventures as a contractor in January 2019, and then as a full-time employee in March 2021. She handles Ventures’ accounting and bookkeeping, including payroll and HR, loan administration and coaching for loan clients.

Jennifer joined Ventures as a full time staff member because was inspired seeing Ventures helping small businesses during the COVID-19 shut-down and recovery.

She earned her Master’s in professional accounting at the University of Texas at Austin, spent six years as a financial auditor with accounting firms in Houston and Seattle, and then switched her focus to contracting with non-profits as a bookkeeper/accountant. Her previous jobs include retail banking, health education and lots of customer service. She moved to Seattle in 2017 with her partner and dog, and then her step-daughter joined their household in 2020.

She is frequently brainstorming “million dollar” ideas based on chores she wants to avoid or wacky upcycling ideas, but is currently toying with opening an Old Fashioned Soda Shoppe with adult beverages.