Join us for InnoVentures 2018 on March 26th at Lagunitas Brewing in Ballard. InnoVentures is a pitch competition and fundraiser that educates, empowers and equips our entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level. Hear Ventures entrepreneurs pitch their innovative ideas for a chance to win thousands of dollars to grow their businesses.  

Last year, over 120 local business owners and entrepreneurs gathered at Optimism Brewery for our first InnoVentures pitch contest. Thank you to our community of supporters, clients, staff, and friends who helped make 2017’s event a great success 

We work hard to demonstrate the value of innovation and entrepreneurship for our clients. InnoVentures is an intentional effort to do something unique. Instead of a traditional nonprofit gala, we’ve created a dynamic event that strengthens local microbusinesses by raising funds and gives our entrepreneurs the chance to refine their business skillsThat’s why InnoVentures is the premier local event for those who want to help level the playing field for women and people of color in business. 

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How it works 

Ventures’ entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to a panel of judges and community members like you. Twenty-two applicants participate in a bracket-style competition to the final event, where five entrepreneurs are judged on community need, innovation, feasibility, and presentation.  

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2018 Quarterfinalists 

  1. Claire Renaut, Bacon & Berries 
  2. Tanya Talhame, Bewellaby 
  3. Rochelle House, Birth Songs 
  4. Katie Clary, Clary Sage Studio 
  5. Cynthia Yongvang, Cynthia Yongvang Studio 
  6. Devin Burkholder, Doppelganger Apparel 
  7. Elliat Graney-Saucke, Elliat Creative 
  8. Marquita Brown, Fresh Scent Cleaning 
  9. Heather Hoffacker, Fluffy Butts Belltown 
  10. Aaron Armstrong, Grow Your Oasis 
  11. Kathleen Holiman, Kashelia Apparel 
  12. Len Davis, Loving Legacy Video 
  13. Joanna Hall, Moxy Jo’s Cleaning  
  14. Logan Niles, Pot Pie Factory 
  15. Monica Trejo, Puro Dulce 
  16. Tamar Yahawahdah, Rejuvenation Junction  
  17. Jayne M Simmons, Sister Sage Herbs 
  18. Lauren Wilson, Sweet Lo’s Ice Cream 
  19. Sharon Hockenbury, Twin Peaks Nutrition 
  20. Alberto Stein Rios, Umano Property Management 
  21. Charli Greig, Vibes 
  22. Shay Huff, WEM Consulting 

Why we’re doing it 

The March 26th event is the culmination of a three-month long incubation and training program that helps connect our business owners to the community. Contestants access new markets through brand exposure and networking opportunities and gain valuable training by working with Ventures coaches on their business plans and public speaking. Our entrepreneurs benefit enormously from practicing these skills at InnoVentures, and they get to do so with a chance to win cash prizes to help grow their businesses.  

InnoVentures is also a chance to see our mission in action and move the needle for Ventures and our clients. 

What last year’s contestants said

“By speaking to strangers as well as through the pitch format, I have increased my confidence in my business.” – Agnes Cwlina, Hori Hori Flowers

“I’ve gained or regained the excitement and joy that I felt the day I got my business license a few years ago. I learned that I’ve evolved from the early start to now. I’ve reevaluated my strategies as well as my accomplishments.” – Bianca Juarez, Bianca’s Cleaning Services

“There are a lot of people that dream like I do. I’m glad to have found them.” – Jana Morbeck, A Practical Resource