Microenterprise Development Resources

The Abilities Fund: Dedicated to advancing entrepreneurship and self-employment for people with disabilities. The Abilities Fund develops and serves these markets by offering a range of financial products, customized training, technical assistance, policy recommendations

ACCION USA: Accion is a private non-profit organization that offers small business loans of up to $25,000 and financial literacy education to small business owners in the United States.

The Aspen Institute’s Microtracker Program List : List of microenterprise organizations in the United States.

Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AE0) – is the national leadership organization and the voice of microenterprise development. By providing cutting edge training, knowledge sharing, Federal and State public policy and advocacy, and communications, AEO empowers a community of nearly 500 member organizations to be uniquely effective in serving the needs of microentrepreneurs who do not have access to traditional sources of business education or capital.

SeaMo – SeaMo connects the microfinance community by providing an online space for microfinance news. Click here to check out their upcoming events.

myKRO.org – Explore the world of Microenterprise! Through an online community, myKRO encourages information flow that promotes increased awareness and knowledge of microfinance as a poverty-fighting tool.

Meet Muhammed Yunus, Founder of Grameen Bank

Muhammed Yunus on microcredit’s long shadow – Venture Beat, November 13th, 2008