Define Your Own Story of Success

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From the Desk of the Director

The beautiful thing about entrepreneurship is the ability to define your own story, your own direction and your own success.

Success is an arbitrary concept that is hard to define. Much like the American dream, there is no one definition that can fit into the mold of our world. Our Ventures clients come from such different circumstances and have diverse backgrounds that lead to different definitions of success.

The American Dream means something unique to every family and can even have different connotations across cultures. An immigrant couple’s vision of success and the American Dream could be getting stable jobs, having a roof over their heads or being able to afford to send their children to college. However, a child who grows up in America in an immigrant family will have a different experience; they may see success as traveling the world and starting new creative projects. Traditional definitions of success often centered on financial stability however, young generations look for creative opportunities to achieve their own definitions of success.

Every person, every family looks at success differently. The great thing about our clients at Ventures is that they take us along on their journey to success.

Through our programs, we are able to offer mentorship, guidance, classes, microloans, and so much more. How our clients take those opportunities and resources to start their business is completely up to them because each entrepreneur is different and has different business goals. Our hope for our clients is to see them succeed in their own way and define their own success.

We live in a country where opportunities are created. We have the freedom to create our own opportunities and goals and be successful each and every day in our own way.

Don’t limit yourself. Define your goals, define your dreams, and success will come naturally as you follow those dreams.  Get inspired by our clients!




Beto Yarce

Executive Director