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At Ventures, we offer loans and micro-financing to empower small business growth. As a mission-driven lender, Ventures makes capital available to small business owners who may not qualify for traditional financing. Ventures’ loan programs combine capital products with business coaching to support the long-term success of our loan recipients.

After completing the Business Basics Course, you have access to Specialized Services: business training, capital, coaching, and hands-on learning opportunities. Schedule a meeting with one of our business coaches to enroll in Specialized Services.

Ventures’ Financial Services


The Peer Loan Program draws recent graduates of the Ventures’ Business Basic Course together to form Peer Loan Cohorts. The Peer Loan does not require physical collateral or a good credit score to apply.

Participants in the Cohorts present their loan request to the group of their peers for approval. In place of traditional collateral (pledging money, equipment, or assets to secure a loan), the Peer Loan Program relies on the engagement of the Peer Loan Cohorts to achieve successful loan repayment. Members of Peer Loan Cohorts attend regular meetings, support each other to set business goals, and providing feedback to other group members. To make the program a success, it is vital that peer loan members remain engaged in the peer loan community.


Business Builder Loan gives you capital to grow your business. During the Business Builder Loan process, you work closely with the Ventures financial team on a loan proposal. We help you review your business plan, dig into your financials, and test the ability of your business to repay the loan. The goal of the Business Builder Loan process is to strengthen your business’ foundation and get you ready for the next level. These loans go up to $50,000.

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A good credit score is an important part of financial stability. High credit scores and a strong credit history can help you meet personal and business goals. Our credit building services can help build or improve your credit score. We do this through a Credit Building Loan and credit counseling with a Ventures Financial Adviser. Individuals who successfully repaid their Credit Building Loan with Ventures have seen a 50 to 650-point increase in their credit scores!

Ventures offers Credit Building Loans and credit counseling for people who have a thin credit file (three or fewer lines of credit) or for people who want to build or improve their credit. Credit Building Loans are not a good fit for people with several open credit lines.


Ventures offers workshops on topics such as business taxes and understanding credit, as well as a Financial Management Course. The Financial Management Course helps entrepreneurs budget, plan, save, spend, borrow, and invest in a sustainable way. We look at household and business financial strategies so all aspects of one’s financial life are strong and healthy. Participants have the option to have a spouse or partner join them in the course.


Coaching helps our entrepreneurs identify and overcome barriers to business success. Our coaches are teachers, mentors, counselors, and business consultants. Coaches work side by side with business-owners as they create marketing, sales, and financial plans but they do more than help with business plans and goal setting – they are cheerleaders. Ventures’ Business Coaches are great listeners, ask open-ended questions, motivate, and meet our entrepreneurs where they’re at.

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Nuestro 25 Aniversario

Nuestro 25 Aniversario

Esta época del año en Ventures es usualmente acogedora, festiva y de conexion. Nuestra oficina está decorada con oropel y adornos, y con golosinas caseras para compartir. Nuestro equipo se reúne con clientes, donadores, voluntarias/os y socias/os de negocios locales...

Nuestro 25 Aniversario

25 Year Anniversary

This time of year at Ventures is cozy, festive and connected. Our office is decorated with tinsel and bows, and fully stocked with homemade goodies to share. Our team is meeting with clients, donors, volunteers and partners at local businesses to let them know how...