Whose History? My History!
Octaiviea Renée

February 14, 2019

Throughout the month of February, with brothers and sisters around the globe (thanks internet), I am reminded of the great significance, profound contribution, and undeniable impact my people have and continue to have, not only here locally, but wherever we reside—throughout the entire world.

I am also reminded of the fact that progress is not always smooth. Sometimes, it’s like riding a bike – the moment you stop pedaling, you fall. And stumbling is a part of the process.

This is certainly true for me. I became a part of the Ventures community in March 2011 and started my company, Untangled Spaces, in May 2011. Oh, have I stumbled forward—sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly—for almost a decade! I have continued to feel comfortable falling in front of a staff member at Ventures. To be supported, encouraged, and reminded that I have what it takes to get back on my “bike” and pedal toward the success I see for myself.

Blacks, no matter where we are located, will never stop pedaling, and my sincere hope is that every single individual who reads this will make an earnest commitment to invest in either micro- or small black-owned businesses beyond the month of February, for years to come.

One way you can do that? Come to an event that Ventures is hosting with Intentionalist on February 26th!

Ventures is partnering with Intentionalist to celebrate at Lillian Rambus’s restaurant in Madison Valley, Simply Soulful. Stop by for a delicious meal.

There is a trail, long and wide, decorated with names, faces, inventions, buildings, resistance, triumph, obstacles, and victories of Blacks whose stories have aided and assisted me in feeling resilient, dynamic, and capable, just like the team at Ventures. To let these heroes be filed away and forgotten puts humanity in a disadvantaged position—hence the importance of Black History Month.

Should this only happen during the month of February? Absolutely not. But is it important that it continues to be acknowledged and celebrated nationwide, put on every calendar, brought up in every school, organization, institution, and business? Absolutely!

Great people attract great people and Ventures has and continues to cultivate a great community. Because it truly takes all kinds—of people, actions, support, and resources; alongside those of our Black families, friends, peers, co-workers, neighbors, and community—to make a difference.

Celebrate with us and help us to make a difference on February 26th. Hope to see you there!