Ventures Is Partnering with Metro Transit

September 14, 2017

At Ventures, we provide a comprehensive toolbox of resources to equip low-income entrepreneurs to build bridges out of poverty by launching their own small businesses. Traditionally, we’ve done this through business training, capital, coaching and hands-on learning opportunities. Yet, we’ve overlooked the most important factor of economic mobility – affordable public transit for low-income entrepreneurs. The ORCA LIFT card is the newest resource in our toolbox.

Ventures is teaming up with King County Metro Transit, to be part of the effort to better connect people with transit service, and help them find ways to save money while riding. We’re excited to be this bridge between communities and Metro!

Through this partnership, Ventures will:

  • Provide up to date information about Metro transit options and resources throughout our business training programs
  • Bring in Metro representatives to help entrepreneurs access affordable and convenient public transportation
  • Share info about Metro transit on our website and social media pages

Ventures is “on the bus” – will you join us? 

The best way for Ventures entrepreneurs to join us in taking advantage of Metro’s great resources is to stop paying cash and use an ORCA card. Even better – see if you qualify for ORCA LIFT $1.50 fares, available to riders with lower incomes. (Hint – If you’ve been enrolled in any Ventures programs, you’ll probably qualify to save about 50% on your rides!) These resources will help you access over 200 routes on buses, Link light rail, Sounder trains, Seattle Streetcars, and King County Water Taxis! Learn more today.