A Note from Ventures’ Board Member David Goldberg
David Goldberg

January 12, 2018

I joined the Ventures board in 2013 because I was attracted to the organization’s mission of empowering the owners of microenterprises to achieve success in their professional and personal lives. I grew up in a family supported by small business, and the organization’s goals and impact resonated with me. I work for an investment firm and serve on multiple corporate boards, but I find the Ventures board to be an extremely fulfilling and impactful way to give back to our community.

Since joining the board, I have been amazed at the number of client stories and lives impacted by Ventures. Ventures supports some of the most vulnerable members of our community by providing knowledge, coaching, and support to achieve their goals through microenterprise development.

At Ventures’ recent board retreat, we had the opportunity to review our results and celebrate our impact in the past year. We also have a number of new and exciting goals and initiatives planned for the year to come, and the retreat was an excellent opportunity for the board to dedicate an extended block of time to these goals with a focus on the values and mission of Ventures.

Our board is comprised of professionals with a wide variety of skills and professional backgrounds, led by Board President Juan Lopez. The retreat was led by Juan and Ventures’ Executive Director, Beto Yarce.  After some team building and a review of our impact in the last year, we had the opportunity to learn from our fundraising expert about how we can strengthen donor relations in the year ahead. Although you may know us individually as a client, donor, or volunteer, I was particularly impressed by the impact that our community has had as a whole. As a board member, I’m proud that Ventures supported over 750 clients in the past year and provided over 40 training courses across its core business development training and advanced courses.

The board also reviewed our goals from last year and set new goals for the board to support the Ventures mission and ultimately expand the organization’s impact on its client base. Each board member signed up to a personal pledge commitment to support the mission in specific ways over the coming year. There are many opportunities for our board to support the Ventures mission, including coaching, donor relations, networking, and attending our board meetings.

The Ventures organization couldn’t reach its clients with its programs and services if not for the generous support of our donors and grantors. In 2018 and beyond, a key part of the board’s role is to build our community of supporters and volunteers. We look forward to another stellar year for Ventures, and thank all who support this organization.

David Goldberg