We Redesigned Our Office

Close your eyes and picture a room with dingy blinds over the windows, an assortment of mismatched broken furniture, and desks spilling over with stacks of paper and clutter.

Old OfficeNow picture a second room: this one has lots of natural light, fresh paint, clean coordinating furniture, organized surfaces, and tidy storage units. 

Notice a difference?

We do. and that’s why we made an important decision this spring to completely overhaul our office space. We enlisted the help of Bayle & Co, owned by Ventures entrepreneur, Michele Bayle, to redesign the Ventures office, from the carpet to the pencil cups. 

This remodel is the “cherry on top” of Ventures’ makeover “sundae” that is been in the works in recent years. We’ve  had the opportunity to update our brand and public image, evaluate and improve our programs for entrepreneurs, refine our internal systems to make them “leaner,” and clean out decades-old clutter from drawers and closets. 

Now, as we move into our updated space, we aim to challenge the concept that nonprofits are messy and disorganized by creating an atmosphere that is professional and efficient. Our goal is that donors and partners trust us to do good work and that our clients are proud to utilize our services.  

With the help of Bayle & Co, we have created a space that is:

  • Efficient and Streamlined, maximizing the square footage to accommodate a growing team, and to foster leaner workflows. We strive to be a leader for our client-businesses, reducing waste and operating as if we had a financial bottom line. 
  • Professionally Branded, adhering to our brand guidelines, embodying our now two year-old Ventures brand, and welcoming guests into a space that communicates a clear voice. Some nonprofit industry leaders are now calling marketing and communications the electricity that runs impactful nonprofits. We’re using our space to power our work. 
  • Conducive to Positive Morale for staffwith ergonomic and comfortable components, and visually appealing elements. Aligning with the fad of simplifying and tidying, Ventures aims to reduce the distractions in our workplace. In fact, according to Forbes, the aesthetic and artistic components of an office space can affect employee productivity, unlock creative potential, connect teams to their clients, and improve employees’ experiences in their workplaces. We are investing in our team to ensure high satisfaction and low turnover.

Staff and board got a chance to celebrate this new space on July 13th with a toast and tour. Now we’d like to celebrate with you! We are excited to show you our new space – please come visit our new office space and celebrate a new era for Ventures!