Small business owners know the importance of marketing their business online, and they’re using tools like Facebook, Instagram, SurveyMonkey, and Google Analytics. Last month, we launched another online platform they can add to their toolbox: a business directory to help Ventures entrepreneurs connect with customers and make sales.   

We spoke with Amber Campbell and David Quintana—two Ventures entrepreneurs—about their online marketing strategies. Read on to learn what it takes to run a successful business in the digital age.

What’s your marketing strategy? 

Amber Campbell, owner of Do Communications, says, “I use online marketing tools to support an overall strategy of consistent, quality content that represents a clear and coherent brand.” Her strategy includes: 

  • Focusing on one to two social media platforms. 
  • At least one social media post per day. 
  • At least one blog post each week. 
  • One to two emails to your target audience per month. 

David Quintana, owner of construction company The QM Team, emphasizes the importance of carefully choosing how to spend his time as a busy entrepreneur. His strategy, “concentrate on dominating small sectors that will lead to sales. Don’t plan on being everywhere. If you do Facebook, do only Facebook and dominate it.” 

Why is online marketing so important? 

“Because that’s where the people are, of course!” says Amber. She adds, “Many people now use social media to refer their favorite businesses to their friends because it’s easier to tag someone (both your friend and the business you want them to know about) rather than typing in all the details yourself and texting or emailing the information.”

David says, “In my industry, the whole marketplace is online now. That’s true of more and more industries.” He also points out, “online marketing is the great equalizer since one doesn’t have to spend as much money to compete with bigger companies.”

What advice would you offer to a new business owner? 

David says, “Work hard on defining who you are as a brand: what you do, what are your values, who is your client.”   

Amber also highlights the importance of repetition: “Your target audience usually needs multiple impressions (at least seven) of your brand before taking action. Be patient! You’re playing a long game. Hoping for overnight success is not a sound business strategy, but consistent messaging and branding is.” 

Ventures’ Business Directory – connecting entrepreneurs and customers 

Amber and David agree that it’s hard work to manage their online marketing strategy in addition to running their businesses.  

Thanks in part to a Community Economic Development grant we received last fall, the Ventures Business Directory will provide another opportunity for busy entrepreneurs to connect with customers – especially those who believe in Ventures’ mission to empower entrepreneurs with limited resources and unlimited potential.

Want to join the Business Directory? Contact your industry Business Coach.