Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month- Lynette Vargas García

¡El 15 de septiembre al 15 de octubre es el mes de la Herencia Latinx/Hispana! En Ventures nos esforzamos para centrar y celebrar nuestra comunidad. Para celebrar y honrar este mes, vamos a presentar a miembros de la comunidad Ventures y compartiremos sus historias y experiencias.

September 15th-October 15th is Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month! At Ventures we work to center and celebrate our community. To celebrate and honor this month, we will be featuring members of the Ventures community and sharing their stories and experiences.

Lynette Vargas García – Ventures Business Specialist | Instagram

1. Can you tell us more about why you decided to join Ventures?

I met Ventures back in 2017 through my dear sister Giselle Pichardo who at that time was a board member of a Latina Women organization named “Mujeres of the Northwest” in which one of the meetings was held at Ventures having Beto Yarce as speaker of what is the organization and how Ventures helped the Latina Entrepreneur Community to achieve their goals. Loved everything at first sight and involved as volunteer attending to events and more recently being coach facilitator in the BBC programs last 2021. I loved how Ventures is that big brother ally that guide the entrepreneur step by step into their venture journey to obtain their goal to have their own business successfully established. So, when I saw the opportunity to become part of the team as what I’m doing now I applied. Now as Business Specialist my main goal is to be a coach in which help my coachees to find the right answers and do the changes needed in order to be successful at their ventures business ideas.

2. If you identify as a member of the Latinx/Hispanic community, how does your identity interact with what you do at Ventures?

Seeing myself as Latinx that can achieve and being in a space that empower Latinx Community to be successful is key to open doors to others so they can see themselves achieving in spaces like Ventures who are allies form Latinx.

3. Can you tell me more about how your role supports the Latinx/Hispanic community?

As a Latinx member I see myself as an ally that can help and empower them to achieve their dreams, guiding them through their business ideas processes, when the times comes and they’re ready to move to the next step I can feel proud to see being successful at their entrepreneurship.

4. Why do you think it is important to create safe spaces and foster a sense of community for Latinx/Hispanic folks?

Safety plays an important role into the creation of great businesses ideas as a whole, and when you feel appreciated in those spaces is better for everyone involved because you feel important and seen.

5. What does Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you?

Everything! We as Latinx Community brings from our places experiences and share it everywhere we go those unique roots. When we move we share it to our community and creates more diversity and understanding of how our society can become more inclusive.

¡Gracias a todos aquellos que participaron! Y gracias a Mayra que realizó las entrevistas. || Thank you to everyone who participated! And thank you to Mayra who conducted the interviews.