La Panadería Found the Sweet Spot at SAM’s Olympic Sculpture Park

Oscar Fernández of La Panadería, is proud to announce his grand opening at Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park Café!

Oscar Fernández and Felicitas Flores, owners of La Panadería

Oscar Fernández and Felicitas Flores, owners of La Panadería

La Panadería is a family owned and operated bakery and food cart with a firm belief that fresh, natural, and local ingredients create delicious products and lasting memories. Brother and Sister Oscar Fernández and Felicitas Flores have been dreaming of opening their own café to share stories and recipes from their native Zapopan, México.

In early 2016, Oscar and Felicitas came to Ventures for support in making their dream come true. They completed our Business Basics Course in Spanish as part of our Latino program. Eager to move their business forward, Oscar and Felicitas participated in Ventures’ financial and marketing courses as well as specialized food business courses. Soon after they started renting from Ventures’ commercial kitchen space a few hours a week in order to sell at farmer’s markets.

When the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) asked us to bring an emerging entrepreneur to their café in the Olympic Sculpture Park, La Panadería was a clear choice.

Oscar and Felicitas’ initiative, hard work, and passion for sharing their culture and traditions will serve them well in this exciting new partnership between SAM, La Panadería, and Ventures.

The combination of a once in a lifetime opportunity the right timing, and of course everybody’s hardwork made this opportunity possible. Thank you so much to Ventures and the Seattle Art Museum for helping us make our American Dream come true. Please come and share the taste of our traditions.” – Oscar Fernández

What’s on the menu?

Their menu specialties include handmade tamales, made with non-GMO, locally sourced masa and organic coconut oil instead of pork lard. They make savory tamales including red mole, chicken, vegetarian, vegan, and dessert tamales in strawberry and pineapple. Their menu also includes paninis with chorizo, turkey, ham, and tender cactus.

Oscar’s first love is traditional Mexican pastries and he hopes to open his own full-service bakery someday. (He makes stunning cakes of original designs, made from scratch.) Customers will find his polvorones or Mexican cookies at the new location on the Olympic Sculpture Park. For the summer, La Panadería will be serving aguas frescas and raspados (Mexican shaved-ice). These refreshing treats are made with fresh fruits and organic raw cane sugar in flavors like strawberry, mango, and tamarind. A perfect treat for a stroll through the park on a hot summer day.

la panaderia tamalesIn the few weeks since opening, the project proved successful. They have great support from park visitors and sales are going well.

Courtesy Seattle Art Museum. Photo: Natali Wiseman.