Impact Report: 2017 Annual Survey

Read the full survey report here, and check out an overview of the survey results below.

Each year, Ventures conducts a survey to measure the long-term outcomes of our services and we are committed to sharing our results with you. We want to know how our entrepreneurs are doing two years after completing our cornerstone Business Basics Course in 2015. Are they still in business? Did their household financial situation improve? How did Ventures’ training impact their lives? Their responses provide insight on how effectively Ventures supports low-income entrepreneurs build businesses and improve their financial stability.

Entrepreneurs create jobs – for themselves and their community
  • Twice as many Ventures clients own a business now than when they entered the program two years ago.
  • One-quarter created jobs by hiring other people. On average, each business employed two people apart from the business owner
Business ownership improves families’ financial well-being
  • Two-thirds increased their household income. More than half reported that opening a business improved their financial situation.
  • Unemployment plummeted from 41% to 6% – comparable to Washington State’s average rate.
Looking forward:

The results of this survey are encouraging signs that Ventures’ services – and entrepreneurs’ tremendous talent and determination – creates positive change for individuals and families.

Soon, Ventures will be expanding its services to include advocacy for micro business owners in our region.  We aim to increase opportunities for more business owners to achieve financial success for their business and their families.