Proud to Be an Immigrant, Proud to Be an American
Beto Yarce

June 29, 2017

Independence Day in the United States is a time of patriotism and reflection for many of us. It is particularly significant for me because I can now share that sense of patriotism with my fellow Americans.

I came to this country 14 years ago, for the same reasons many immigrants come to the United States; new opportunities, adventures, and curiosity about what life could be in America. In Mexico, I had a stable job and a great education, but I was seeking more in life and a fresh perspective. When a group of friends invited me to come to Washington State, I jumped on it! I worked tirelessly as a waiter, to be able to start my own jewelry business, which eventually led to my involvement with Ventures. Through the endless work and dedication, I also secured my place amongst my fellow Americans.

This life experience has made me not only a dual citizen but also a citizen of the world. I have been able to share my Mexican culture with others, and be able to empathize with people from other cultures, especially immigrants who are facing the same struggles I did in the beginning.

I now live my life with a holistic and international perspective in all matters related to business, personal life, and so on.

Balancing two cultures and two different lifestyles has been highly rewarding. It is also a wonderful opportunity to learn and share the lessons with my communities, in either country.  

Many immigrants may share the same sentiment, that we are able to lead very rich lives by having twice as many celebrations, twice as many reasons to be proud of our countries and twice as many opportunities to make change in the world by utilizing the skills we’ve learned from both cultures.

I’m proud to be an immigrant and I am proud to be an American.

I am also proud of every individual we have served who has brought their traditions, cultures, and passions into their work and have become successful entrepreneurs because of it.

Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans, immigrants, refugees, entrepreneurs, and families who work tirelessly to serve their communities, daily!


Beto Yarce

P.S. If you are an immigrant and want to become a citizen of United States of America, here are some organizations that will help you to navigate the system: