Ventures Connect the Dots

March 29, 2016

Help Ventures Connect the Dots to empower low-income entrepreneurs to improve their lives through small business ownership.


Fundraising Websites – Crowdrise
Our goal is to connect our networks of staff, board, client, volunteer, and community supporters to raise $10,000 to support our mission in 2016.

The Details

Funds raised through Connect the Dots will help us meet our projected outcomes in the coming year, including:

  1. Providing business training for approximately 250 low-income participants;
  2. Delivering advanced training on sales, marketing, finances, and operations for at least 150 participants;
  3. Connecting at least 100 small product and food businesses to hands-on learning and revenue generation opportunities through our retail store and food programs like our food truck, commercial kitchen, and packaged food training.
  4. Deploying at least 22 microloans totaling over $50,000 for low-income individuals;
  5. Conducting at least 500 hours of customized one-on-one coaching for client-entrepreneurs; and
  6. Helping to grow at least 200 new business in the Puget Sound region.

If you are as excited about Ventures as we are, please share the Connect the Dots campaign on social media using the hashtag #VenturesConnecttheDots. The more people who know about Ventures, the more we can Connect the Dots between people with resources and smart, dedicated business owners who want to improve their lives and communities through small business ownership.