Ventures entrepreneurs share their thoughts on giving back
Erica Skinner

December 10, 2019

Making a donation one way you can advocate for a more equitable society. Your gift says that you care whether or not your neighbor can make ends meet.

Nearly a third of annual giving for nonprofit organizations happens in December. What you contribute this month determines how many small business owners we can help and which cities we can bring our services to. During this time of giving, instead of me telling you why our work is important, I’d like to share with you what five Ventures entrepreneurs have to say.

Grace Macias, G&G Jewelry

“Personally, when my sister and I started our small business, we learned in the eight-week program how to start and run a business from obtaining permits and licenses, making sales, pricing our products, etc. We worked with specialists and coaches that guided us on topics such as sales tax and answered our business questions. One of the greatest benefits has been the exposure of our products at Ventures Marketplace at Pike Place Marketplace, which serves as an incubator for Venture’s artisanal entrepreneurs. Having the opportunity to display G&G jewelry at Ventures Marketplace has been a dream come true with exposure to thousands of people from all over the world.

Donations to Ventures this holiday season will help local small businesses in the new year as we get ready for new projects, plan ahead, and establish new business goals! I am personally thankful to Ventures as this organization has made it possible for me and my sister to start G&G Jewelry. By donating to Ventures, you are supporting people like me to succeed and in return help build and grow in the community.”

Adrienne Krieger, Everling Jewelry

“By donating to Ventures you are supporting a local economy. The most important part of this donation is that Ventures supports low-income folks that have dreams of participating in this type of economy and community. This is exactly what gave me the traction to get started in my own business. By donating to Ventures, that money is being put to great use to aid in the development of small businesses that support local jobs and variety and local manufacturing. It is all cyclical.

I have always seen a paycheck as a cap to income growth. For me, I knew my dream of creating my own company would not only support my own financial growth, but I could support the growth of others within my industry. When I began, I didn’t know how to execute the business and bookkeeping side, and Ventures helped to put all of those puzzle pieces together. This was at a time when cash flow was crucial, and Ventures made the programs easily accessible and cost-efficient.”

Tiana Duncan, MassageFit

“Supporting small businesses is keeping a dreamer dreams alive and giving us the monetary support to continue to share our talent with our communities and the world.

If you understand that there are barriers in life, which I call gatekeepers to resources and networks. Ventures is an organization that removes those locks so we can all win. If you believe in funding an entity that believes in creating equity [that’s] enough of a reason.”

Gina Grey, OOliva

“I was SO thrilled to learn about Ventures when I started OOliva. The idea of starting a small business in a saturated market in a big city was quite daunting. Ventures has helped to shrink the world and connect us to so many people, places and resources that would have taken ages (if at all!) to reach on our own. We look forward to growing alongside this amazing organization.”

Sister Sage Herbs, Jayne Simmons

Jayne Simmons, Sister Sage Herbs

“Ventures has been a crucial partner in building my business. Please consider donating to Ventures! I really could not have developed my products and business successfully without their help. The staff is so helpful and knowledgeable but even more importantly they have shown compassion for the difficult work that we as business owners have to do.  Ventures will create a golden opportunity for many people to grow their business and enrich their lives!

Our work can only happen with a lot of people power. Increasing access to business courses, coaching, and growth opportunities for low-income folks takes a lot of time and money. But the return on your philanthropic investment is high. Giving a small business owner access to resources and training allow them to make a living for the long-term. Then these entrepreneurs become advocates and supporters too.”

Make your gift to Ventures this holiday season.