Announcing the Ventures Business Directory

December 7, 2017

The easiest way to find and support Ventures businesses

With over two decades of experience working with over 4,000 small business owners, we are constantly inundated with requests from our community. We created the Ventures Business Directory to meet the needs of our clients, supporters and conscious shoppers:

“Do you have a recommendation for a caterer, landscaper, or graphic designer?”

“I’d love to use one of your entrepreneurs in a project I am working on. Can you send me a list of your businesses?”

“I’d like to purchase my gifts from a local artist. Where can I find the business you work with?”

Why an Online Directory?

As part of our FY17-18 Strategic Plan, one of our goals is to increase clients’ financial stability.  Our incubation programs focus on creating opportunities for our clients to gain exposure, increase sales, and build a brand. At the end of 2016, Ventures received a federal grant which accelerated the expansion of our coaching, training, and incubation programs. A key project in this grant was an online Ventures Business Directory. The Business Directory is a tool to connect local entrepreneurs to socially conscious shoppers. This is just one of the many ways we’re helping our entrepreneurs get their business out in the world.

The Ventures Business Directory is a business incubator for our clients–it’s a training and coaching tool. We teach our clients how to create professional online profiles, present consistent messaging, and attract customers using digital marketing strategies. The businesses in this directory are at different stages in development. Businesses will continually be added as clients access coaching to create their business profile.

How It Works

The directory is integrated with our internal client database. This allows us to get up-to-date information on our businesses and track project outcomes; including the number of clients using the directory, their contact information, business descriptions, and social profiles. The program provides a rich opportunity for specialized coaching with our staff business coaches. They work one-on-one with our business owners to create a profile that stands out, communicates a brand promise, and has the information that consumers look for. Entrepreneurs also receive training in our Marketing Course and special topics workshops on how to creating compelling online profiles with the goal of enrolling businesses in the directory as soon as possible.

Interested in joining the Ventures Business Directory? Contact your business coach to learn more.