5 Things from the Ventures Marketplace That Will Make Your Commute Easier
Bonnie Chiffelle

December 10, 2019

There are many reasons why we love public transportation: it saves money, we don’t have to deal with traffic, we reduce our carbon footprint, and we gain free time to do things like read or listen to music. Did you know the number of people using public transit to get to work in downtown Seattle doubles the number of people who drive alone?

Ventures and King County Metro have partnered together to help make your commute a little easier. Here are five things sold at the Ventures Marketplace in Pike Place Market that can make your next trip more comfortable.

Tumblers from Landscapes Café

Sip on your morning coffee with confidence⁠—helps keep your drinks hot or iced, and best of all: you’ll never have to worry about losing your cap with its magnetic cap feature. Rickie Hecht, owner of Landscapes Cafe, runs their teardrop-trailer coffee shop in Seattle and is available for your next catering event!

Eyeglass chain by Dana’s Direct Designs

Never lose your eyeglasses again! Choose from Dana’s handmade variety of eyeglass chains, keychains, and even wine charms! Dana McBridge began beading as a hobby, and has now transformed it into her own business.

Wallets by PJ Sheehy and Moo Young

Keep your orca card safe by keeping it inside one of PJ Sheehy’s or Moo Young’s leather wallets. Patricia Sheehy uses repurposed leather when possible and locally purchases her materials. Moo-Young also sources from local suppliers, and creates jewelry, shoes, bags, clothing and wall hangings and enjoys using a traditional Japanese method, Shibori, to dye her products.

Notebooks from Sunday Drive Designs

Get your creative juices flowing on your way to work! Titles available include “Things To Never Do Again”, “Blackmail Notes” and “Bad Ideas”. Becky Morette, owner of Sunday Drive Designs, has always had a love for vintage and outdoorsy themed items. Check out their collection of tea towels and aprons too!

Pocket watch pendants by JJ Bourget

With these fashionable pocket watches, you’ll never have to worry about checking your phone for the time again. JJ Bourget also carries a variety of jewelry from earrings to charm bracelets.