2017 Summer Programs
Jen Hughes

July 11, 2017

For most entrepreneurs, summer means show time. Summer is the culmination of all the planning and effort that has taken place for the past few months; creating inventory, refining business plans, and identifying new sales channels. Now, the focus is on customer service, sales, and hustling to get products and services out into the world.

The summer programs at Ventures are equally plentiful, with a variety of offerings to support our business owners in many different ways.

Another quarter means another batch of aspiring entrepreneurs participating in our 8-week Business Development Training. They spend their Monday evenings refining their business idea, creating basic financial statements, choosing a business entity, understanding the ins and outs of business taxes, and setting up bookkeeping systems. We are excited to see these amazing businesses give their elevator pitch at our August 7th graduation event from 6-8pm at our offices.

In August, we will be offering our robust 14-session Financial Management Training in which business owners will spend time taking a deep dive into personal finances, credit, business financial statements, taxes, bookkeeping, and long-term planning. This course has been a cornerstone of our training offerings and strives to build financial capability in the entrepreneurs we work with.

On top of that, Betsy Earl, Ventures Product Specialist, will be taking a group of business owners to the Seattle Gift Show August 18-21st at the Washington State Convention Center. This opportunity will connect our vendors with buyers visiting from all over the country looking for unique and appealing products. Read more about our most recent Gift Show experience.

Business coaching has been and continues to be a critical complementary service that supports our entrepreneurs. With our food, product, and service business specialists, we have been able to provide over 300 hours of business coaching this past quarter. Our coaching helps takes entrepreneurs deeper into what they learn in our training programs, making the content relevant and applicable. Through this specialized coaching, we tackle questions on taxes, hiring practices, costing, sourcing, and cash flow projections.

Last but not least, we’ll be taking our 8-week Business Development Training to the SeaTac community starting in August. We will be running English and Spanish courses in partnership with the Food Innovation Network. This helps us fulfill our commitment to provide access to self-employment in our communities. Stay tuned to hear more about this fantastic partnership!

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