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Sofia Shuman

Program Coordinator

Joined Ventures in August 2019.

Sofia joined Ventures because of her commitment to helping others and her desire to make the world a better, more just place.

Sofia is originally from the Boston area, but moved out west to study at the University of Puget Sound where she double majored in Studio Arts and Spanish Language, Culture and Literature. After finishing up her degree, Sofia moved to Mallorca, Spain to teach English. While she very much enjoyed her time there, she was homesick for the PNW and decided to move to Seattle. Since returning, Sofia has worked in childcare centers and an immigration law firm before landing at Ventures.

Sofia has always felt very connected to art. If she were to start her own business, it would be one where she teaches others how to create and sell artwork. She would also help artists find the best stores to sell their work so that they could earn a living wage from their hard, creative work.