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Aria Wilson (she/her)

Development Coordinator

Aria joined Ventures in August 2019.

Aria is responsible for managing the internship and volunteer program at Ventures. Her position also involves coordinating events, developing fundraising strategies, and ensuring that all supporters of Ventures’ mission are recognized.

Aria joined Ventures to support the dreams and passions of those with limited resources. Being a Seattle native, it is important to her to support the economic growth of various communities in the area for a more sustainable and collective future.

Aria studied international relations and global studies with an emphasis on human rights at the University of Washington. She has worked at education nonprofits that incorporate equitable approaches to a child’s learning environment and development. With this background, Aria firmly believes that no single approach is the right one for every individual and child in need. Aria recently received her certificate in Fundraising Management from the University of Washington, and is eager to apply her knowledge and skills to the fundraising strategies and financial health of Ventures. She also serves on the board of a Seattle-based nonprofit, Abundance of Hope, and is dedicated to serving at-risk youth living on the streets.

Aria would love to one day open her own outdoor child development center and provide children with the social and emotional curriculum they would need to reach their fullest potential.