Peyina Lin-Roberts

Board Member

Peyina joined the Ventures Board in 2019.

Peyina comes from a family that arose from poverty. Her parents inculcated in her a mentality of “hard work yields success.” Yet, through her doctoral specialization in social structures and her navigation of power dynamics in non-profits, private corporations, and academia, Peyina knew that hard work alone was insufficient to overcome the inequities that deplete minorities of their basic human dignity. This fueled her genuine concern for building capacity and support systems for victims of social inequity. Peyina sees Ventures’ mission fully aligning with her personal values of elevating human dignity. Ventures achieves this by making business courses and microfinancing accessible to people with limited financial resources; thus, bootstrapping them to a sense of autonomy, competence, and belonging that are fundamental to human existence.

Peyina’s passion for diversity, equity and inclusion took time to realize, perhaps due to the challenges of navigating her diverse cultural and professional background. She grew up in a Sino-Hispanic American culture, living in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Taiwan, and the US. She has a wide range of educational and professional experience: Bachelor’s in International Business Administration, MA in Communication Digital Media Technology, MS in Information Management, and PhD in Information Science from the University of Washington. Professionally, she has worked forming international trade partnerships, marketing events, emotion-based advertisement, winning grants, advising others on content pitching, human-centered research and design, facilitating groups through strategic visioning and behavior change, and developing individuals and organizations through coaching.

As the owner of a coaching and consulting firm, Peyina understands the challenges and rewards of small business entrepreneurship, particularly for women, people of color, and immigrants. Thus, as a board member and business coach in Ventures’ business basics course, Peyina is committed to ensuring Ventures’ mission is carried forward effectively and sustainably.


Peyina enjoys pilates, yoga, meditation, and family activities.