Octaiviea Renée


Octaiviea joined the Ventures Board in 2018.

Octaiviea wholeheartedly believes Ventures transformed the trajectory of her family tree! Going back three generations, she is the first female entrepreneur. Octaiviea says Ventures provided her with a foundation to create and establish a thriving business, and is able to sustain her success because of the on-going, long-term services Ventures provides its entrepreneurs.

With her first career being in Social Work, Octaiviea brings over a decade of humanistic leadership skills to our Board. Before anti-racist work, cultural competency, and inclusivity were popular, she helped facilitate professional development trainings that covered these themes. In a conscious effort to spread this transformational work abroad Seattle’s community, she took on presidency roles, a few of them being in Business Network International’s, Madison Marketeers group, the local PTA at Washington Middle School and Garfield High. Octaiviea graduated from Highline College with honors and Phi Theta Kappa and received several awards, a few of them being the Women in Action Award and Most Inspirational Student.

In the words of her dear friend Barbara, “Octaiviea is a positive force on the planet out of being a positive force in her own life.” Octaiviea is passionate about being kind to everyday people, getting to know her neighbors, and eating lots of produce, but what tickles her fancy is watching her clients fall in love with themselves! Here’s a quote from her website, “When we as human beings find ourselves in a posture of selfless service, we often discover, the most important things we have to offer are not things at all! With rich resources – compassion, gratitude, empathy, leadership, hope, understanding, and abundance – we expand our worldview from “me” to “WE”. Octaiviea’s committed to leveraging her knowledge, experience, and insights as a client to the board to help enhance current program offerings, as well as influence future programming.