Jamie-SherbondyJamie Sherbondy

Member of the Board of Directors

Jamie joined the Ventures Board in 2017.

Jamie Sherbondy has always admired the work that Ventures does in empowering their community. She believes they work hard to equip people with the tools to be successful and they go a step above by educating people to support their success.

Jamie has been in lending for 15 years and in Small Business Administration lending for over 10 years. She started at a Seattle non-profit that specialized in a specific type of SBA lending and worked her way through the processing, credit, and sales departments. In her final role at that company, she revamped their rural lending program and built a small SBA program that targeted underserved communities throughout a three-state region.

She is currently an SBA Underwriter for Columbia Bank. She loves seeing the creativity of entrepreneurs and enjoys working through all different types of projects. The best thing about her job is that she gets the opportunity to help colleagues impact their communities.

Jamie identifies with the clients of Ventures because she doesn’t have a formal college education. She worked hard, starting at the bottom and working her way up. Both Jamie and Ventures clients have had to work to find success, sometimes with little resources.

Jamie grew up in Tumwater, WA and recently returned to the Olympia area. She appreciates the vibrancy of big city life as well as the unhurried, and affable dynamic of living in smaller communities. She spends her time volunteering, going to the water as much as her schedule allows and supporting as many small craft breweries as she can.

Jamie brings a vast knowledge of SBA to the board through her knowledge of lending policies and the people within the SBA community. Beyond that, she is a common sense lender that strives to balance sound credit decisions with pragmatic lending principles.