Fitsum MisangoFitsum Misango

Member of the Board of Directors.

Fitsum joined the Ventures Board in 2017.

As a client of Ventures, Fitsum is inspired to give back to the very organization that helped her get her business off the ground. Fitsum is moved by everything that Ventures does for their clients, from valuable courses to supportive staff members and volunteers. She is grateful for the support she has received that allowed her to start and grow her business. As a board member, Fitsum hopes to provide valuable insight into the programs and improve opportunities for current and upcoming Ventures’ clients.

Fitsum Misgano is a 2012 graduate of the University of Washington with Law, Societies, and Justice degree. For about a year, she had been venturing into starting her own business (and hopefully multiple businesses in the future). Fitsum has had many roles and wore many hats since graduating from college.  She worked as a campaign staff for the 2012 presidential election and moved on to working on Inauguration 2012 in DC immediately post-undergrad. Following that, Fitsum has been working in Account Management for start-ups and established businesses. She has also had the pleasure of gaining different business perspectives and experiences that will help her be a stronger full-time business owner in the near future.

Fitsum is originally from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She moved to Seattle with her immediate family when she was 13 years old. From having to learn English at that age, assimilate into a new culture, and be ready to start college, Fitsum participated in a handful of school and community programs to expand her capacity in education. Though having supportive parents and family, after years of being the in the U.S, she lacked the community with business expertise that she needed to start her own business. What makes Ventures important to her starts with where its located – it is in the heart of the community it serves and represents. Not only that, her challenges as a woman and minority are understood at Ventures. Fitsum says, “I found a space where I can talk business and get the support I need and is easily accessible.”

Besides being highly organized and possessing all of the skillsets that wedding coordinators need, Fitsum likes to think herself as a go-getter.  To her, it’s not always about already knowing how to do something but not being afraid to learn new skills and go after it.