Doug HallDoug Hall

Member of the Board of Directors

Doug joined the Ventures Board in 2016.

When he heard the mission of Ventures it immediately resonated with him. Doug’s business mission is “to help business owners get what they want from their business” which harmonizes with the mission of Ventures. Doug owns Resources for CEOs, a solo Business Coach and CEO Peer Group Facilitator practice, serving small to medium sized businesses, primarily in Greater Seattle. Prior to starting his business in 2011, he worked as a Vice President, General Manager, and Director in the computer industry focusing on marketing and sales.  During his corporate career, he leveraged entrepreneur-owned technology solutions providers as sales channels. These experiences cemented his belief in business ownership as an expression of personal freedom and purpose.  

Doug was raised in a family-owned small business in which both his parents worked side by side, the classic Mom and Pop business. Doug was an active Boy Scout and earned the rank of Eagle Scout. This experience helped to instill his core values and start him toward a mission to help people.

Doug has demonstrated business and interpersonal skills in business coaching, group facilitation and workshops, training, marketing and sales software and strategic planning, accounting and financial analytics software, public speaking, and networking.