Dianna Winegarden

Member of the Board of Directors

Dianna joined the Ventures Board in 2019.

Dianna first joined the Ventures community as a Pitch coach for the InnoVentures competition, and saw firsthand the incredible talent and entrepreneurial skill supported by Ventures programs. Her own experiences starting a company gives her insight into how much Ventures is a force multiplier for small business owners, and how that support drives economic empowerment in communities where small business ownership has been traditionally out of reach.

Dianna is currently COO at Level, a company that is redesigning financial services to better meet the needs of those facing income volatility. She understands how access to affordable capital can make a difference for business owners, which is another reason she was drawn to the Ventures mission. The combination of access to capital, business skills training, advocacy and mentorship changes the game for small business owners who are unlimited in potential, but have barriers to other critical business levers.

Before she caught the entrepreneurial bug, Dianna worked for enterprise technology companies as a client services and strategy leader, and was also a consultant for Point B. Dianna and her family lived in London for a few years, where she was the Global Client Services and Solutions leader for Investis (now Investis Digital).

Dianna lives in Seattle with her husband, Noah, her two children, and a passive aggressive miniature schnauzer. They are avid travelers and have highly competitive game nights at home.