Dave Spicer

Member of the Board of Directors

Dave joined the Ventures Board in 2016.

Dave is the Philanthropy Manager at Horizon HouseDave was a trial attorney handling a very complex civil litigation practice in employment, business, real estate, personal injury and construction law. He left his full-time law practice in 2005 to dedicate himself to working in the nonprofit sector helping the poor. He worked with Agros International to help raise funding to support rural farmers in Central America on economic development, education, healthcare, and agriculture development. Later, he worked with a local organization to meet the needs of low-income residents in Puget Sound and helped them secure housing, employment, and assistance with rent and utilities.

Dave has also been active in Rotary for 30 years. He has worked for over two decades on water projects throughout the developing world and is a past Rotarian of the Year. He is very active in St. Joseph’s Catholic Church and has served on more than 20 community boards over the years working in homeless shelters, helping homeless women in transition, providing pro bono legal services, and offering a variety of services to help Native Americans, Veterans and other marginalized communities throughout Puget Sound.  

Dave has been a part owner in three different law businesses and an escrow practice. Being an entrepreneur and business owner himself, he appreciates how challenging starting and running a business can be.