Aaron Cahoon

Member of the Board of Directors

Aaron joined the Ventures Board in 2018.

Aaron joined the board because Ventures enables people who are motived to make a difference for themselves and their business. There are plenty of people in the world who need resources and help, but what makes Ventures unique is its ability to bring together passion, motivation, and amazing ideas and opportunities.

Aaron went to the University of Washington and majored in Communication (Public Speaking) and Business (Sales Management). He spent four years in a Fortune 50 CPG companies’ executive sales management program before moving back to the PNW and transitioning into the Commercial Insurance industry. He worked at small startups in college, a Fortune 50 company, and now works at a company that had one office in 1994 and now has 190 offices and generates $2B+ in annual revenues. These three different experiences have enabled him to develop skills that are interchangeable amongst companies of various’ sizes and needs.

Aaron grew up nearby on Mercer Island but have lived in San Jose, Santa Monica, and Portland as well. He has a passion for the outdoors, skiing, golfing, and sports (specifically UW football and basketball). “Despite growing up in a great community and family, I have always been taught to work for everything you have and to pave your own path in life.”

Aaron is a proven networker, fundraiser, and has the ability to obtain various resources that will add value to the board and subsequent clients. Additionally, his background in risk management and risk mitigation will be available for board management utilization.