Abdul “Doolie” Muhamud

Doolie’s Hot Hot Sauce

Based on a recipe created by his grandmother, Doolie began making his salsa-style hot sauce to serve at home for friends and family. A batch of extra sauce sent home with a friend who owned a restaurant resulted in Doolie’s first sale when that friend called the next day asking to buy another container to serve to customers.

Doolie initially grew his business through personal contacts, along the way connecting with business people who provided new resources and informal mentoring. He learned about Ventures through his brother, who had participated in our programs. With encouragement from instructor James Dunn, Doolie eventually enrolled in our 12-week Advanced Marketing Series, where his initial reluctance (“I feel like I already know everything I need to know about marketing, James”) turned into gratitude and accelerated business growth. Today Doolie’s hot sauce can be found in a number of area restaurants as well as more than a dozen grocery stores and specialty shops.

“In small business, no one really has your back,” Doolie says. “It’s good to know I have Ventures as a resource. I can talk to the staff here about anything. That’s a blessing, and it feels like it’s meant to be.”

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