Ventures Launches a Food Truck!

Join Ventures as we launch our new food incubator program.  On July 12th, 2015, Ventures will publicly launch our new food incubator program.  This new program is modeled after our successful retail store in Pike Place Market. Like our retail incubator the Food Business Incubator will provide experiential learning opportunities as well as revenue generation for local low-income business owners and entrepreneurs.

The Food Business Incubator’s main feature will be a food truck in which aspiring small business owners cook and sell food for customers under the guidance of experienced food service professionals, while earning a revenue on sales. Funding will also allow Ventures to provide affordable prep space for aspiring catering companies and farmers’ market businesses; and to sell packaged food products at our retail stores.

Participants will be graduates of Ventures’ cornerstone eight-week Business Development Training program, and must meet income eligibility requirements. All food incubator participants will have access to other Ventures resources such as microloans, matched savings accounts, advanced training, free business coaching, and more.

This project will help create at least 52 new full-time business ventures with the potential to assist many more business owners and employees over the next three years. The goal will be to move participants out of poverty during the project period through targeted food business development services.